Virginia Governor Rejects Healthcare Subsidy For Illegal Migrants

A state Senate measure that sought to improve a federal program often used to subsidize healthcare for illegal immigrants included several features that Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin rejected. 

In the 30-second commercial, the conservative group Building America’s Future demanded that Youngkin’s fellow Republicans pay attention to his position on immigration. This follows Youngkin’s decision to reject state laws that would have strengthened a federal program that conservatives claim has allowed unauthorized immigrants to get cheap medical treatment.

With the changes made, Youngkin sent back SB119 and asked for a report on the federal 340B program by November 1st of this year. Although he did not sign the measure, Youngkin did provide an amendment that reflected his support for its overall goal. To help hospitals save money on prescription pharmaceuticals while still getting the total amount reimbursed by the federal government, SB 119 included language to improve the 340B program. People without proper documentation have been receiving medical treatment from doctors dipping into their funds to cover their costs.

Some may question the priorities of the Democrats when it comes to the nation’s citizens, given their apparent inaction on border security, their lack of response to the alleged murder of Laken Riley by an undocumented immigrant, the decision to close schools to house them, and the implementation of a $53 million program to give prepaid debit cards to them. After the news broke that some Democrats were trying to use a government program to provide illegal immigrants with free healthcare, it became even more apparent.

Youngkin has been vocal in his opposition to the Democrats’ abuse of this scheme. He asked the Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources to form a task force to study the 340B program. The conservative organization Building America’s Future thanked BAF for the move.

As the general election in November draws near, immigration has become a significant issue for Republicans across the board. The party’s stance on the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border migrant crisis was harshly attacked.