Taylor Swift’s Ex Reportedly Penning Song About Relationship

Worldwide pop star Taylor Swift has never shied away from spilling all the tea about her past relationships through her music, with plenty of her songs detailing the drama and toxicity of her past ex-boyfriends. It seems as though many of her songs center around this theme of heartbreak and victimization, making her fans all the more eager to listen. Taylor Swift has dated many men, some more famous than others, who have all caught strays from their famous superstar ex, some of which have made their way into some of the singer’s biggest hits.

However, the tables may be turning this time around for Taylor, with one of her more recent exes having an upper hand in his side of the story due to the absence of a serious legal document that many celebrities are aware of.

Taylor Swift recently dated Matty Healy, the lead singer and songwriter for the famous modern rock band The 1975. The romance between the two musical superstars began in 2023 and ended in 2023, putting Healy in the perfect position to be gossipped about on Swift’s then-upcoming album. On April 19th, 2024 Taylor Swift released her eleventh studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, which fans soon realized contained three songs that were about her most recent ex.

Unlike many of Swift’s exes, Matty Healy will have a free and public space to explain his side of the story in The 1975’s upcoming album. After Healy and Swift dated, it was revealed that Swift never made Healy sign a non-disclosure agreement, granting the English rock singer full legal access to speak on Swift and their relationship from his perspective.

Sources close to Healy revealed that like Swift, he has also moved on from their romance, and has been keeping a low profile while currently working on the band’s next album. Healy’s sources claimed that nothing was stopping him from speaking on the topic musically.