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About Freedom Beacon

The editors at Freedom Beacon are determined to deliver daily news features that strongly represent your American values. Our team endeavors to provide fact-based news designed to preserve freedom of speech and integrity while fighting against the misinformation and fake news so commonly used to disarm the public.

Freedom Beacon stories serve a critical role, promoting traditional conservative values. We know how important a limited government, freedom of expression, and self-reliance are to our readers. We believe in the intent of the Constitution as it was framed by our founding fathers and aim to do our part to defend and protect the ideologies you hold dear.

We look at each of the stories we review through the lens of the Constitution. Are your rights being infringed upon or threatened? Is a liberal assault on your gun rights looming? America represents a beacon of freedom, and you deserve to know about issues and events that are looming over your personal liberties.

Breaking news stories, political coverage, economic impact, and even threats to your health are always on our radar. The Freedom Beacon team is passionate about providing a balanced dialogue Рno fluff, just facts. Our stories will give you exactly what you need to make your own informed opinions about the people and issues guiding our country’s future.

Each of our distinguished readers has their own unique set of worldviews, convictions, and personal values. We respect the time you give us and hope the stories we share help you start your day feeling even more educated and informed than ever.

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