Utah Students Stage Protest Against ‘Furries’ That ‘Bite, Scratch’ Them

Students from the Nebo School District in Utah staged a walkout, claiming they were protesting “furries” who had assaulted and harassed them while they were on school grounds.

A furry is a person with alleged mental issues who dresses and acts like an animal, often a cat or dog.

Dozens of students, armed with posters and accusing school authorities of disregarding their concerns on the hostile furries, were captured on video during the demonstration.

Outside Payson’s Mt. Nebo Middle School, live streamer Adam Bartholomew spoke with the children and shared their claims online. His video lasts for one hour and twelve minutes.

One female student commented that the furries were mentally ill and were attempting to impose their illness on everyone. She estimated that the ages of the costumed children would be between ten and thirteen.

According to other students, the furries occasionally spray children with Febreze into their eyes.  One student said they scratch people and bark like dogs.

In response to student complaints, the principal allegedly instructed students to treat the furries kindly.

The students said that their parents were aware of their presence at the demonstration. Bartholomew verified that parents had been informed about the protest the previous night.

According to the students, their parents were aware that they were participating in the demonstration, and Bartholomew verified they had been informed about the event.

During the demonstration, one parent said that their kid had filmed the furries disrupting class but that school administrators had punished them for showing and telling the truth.

According to Katie Ogren, who was present at the walkout despite recently quitting the district, the afflicted pupils have been stuck in a hopeless scenario for far too long.

Students aren’t believed until there is evidence, but when they show the evidence, they are punished. It’s a double standard.  If they aren’t a “minority,” no one will listen to them.

A change.org petition urged that school administrators enforce its policies on all pupils, including the furries. Some protesting students demanded furries be expelled from the school, while others demanded a blanket ban.  Utah Parents United has also released a statement on Facebook on the furries problem.