Trump Wins Pennsylvania Primary, Nikki Haley Gets Over 147k Votes

President Donald Trump secured another outstanding victory this past week as he won the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary. It seems as though Pennsylvania has become Trump Country. This is a satisfying win for the Republican nominee as his election opponent Joe Biden hails from Pennsylvania.

A local reporter based out of Pittsburgh confirmed that PA is Trump country as he said there are no Joe Biden signs anywhere, but there are plenty of Trump signs. Trump’s victory can be credited to the massive rally he held in Schnecksville, PA just a week before.

Trump has secured his spot as the 2024 republican nominee after beating competitor Nikki Haley in March. The former president easily swept through states such as Georgia, Washington, and Mississippi. These victories were exactly what Trump needed to bring him to the 1,215 delegates needed, which he exceeded for that matter.

However, although Nikki Haley had dropped out of the race back in March, her name on the ballot still reached up to 150,000 votes in Pennsylvania, which equated to more than 16% of the vote. The areas that garnered the most votes for Haley were areas with strong Democratic voters as well as more moderate-leaning Republicans. Haley initially suspended her Presidential campaign after Trump had crushed her on Super Tuesday. She had scored one victory in an open primary for Vermont, but that was all.

During the primaries so far, Trump has dominated the votes in 14 of the 15 state elections. Hands down, Trump has won states such as Massachusetts Maine, California, Oklahoma, and multiple others for that matter. With the upcoming 2024 presidential election only 6 months away, it’s clear that Republicans originally in support of Nikki Haley will come around to Trump once it is time to cast votes.

Biden has also won the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania coming in at over 3,000 delegates while having little to no competition whatsoever.