WSJ Report Says Chinese American Voters Unhappy With SF Mayor

In the run-up to the next San Francisco elections, many Chinese Americans have made it clear that they may no longer support progressive politicians.

This November, voters can choose their next sheriff, district attorney, mayor, city attorney, and four board of education members. Although Chinese Americans have historically been a solid voting base for Democrats, a growing number of them are either leading or supporting initiatives to reclaim the political center on matters such as education and crime.

According to a report, there has been an upsurge in anti-Asian brutality, school policies that the Chinese community views as prioritizing equity over merit, and an increase in cases of homelessness.  The Chinese population accounts for 20% of the city’s population and a slightly smaller proportion of registered voters. Many are disappointed that crime in San Francisco is still greater than in most other big cities.

As current San Francisco mayor London Breed runs for reelection, assistant political science professor Jason McDaniel of San Francisco State University warned about the influence of the Chinese American population.  For Chinese Americans, the changes started years before the epidemic even started.

Extended closures of schools and a change to abandon merit-based enrollment at one exclusive high school infuriated families that placed importance on education, angering many Chinese American voters who were unhappy with the political class during the epidemic.

Eighty percent of Asians who are likely voters disapproved of Breed’s performance, according to a February survey by the San Francisco Chronicle. Only 10% of voters backed Breed, compared to 17% for two of her opponents.

As the number of hate crimes against Asians increased, the level of anger grew. Many Chinese Americans joined the recall movement to remove District Attorney Chesa Boudin from office.

Reports show that in 2021, Boudin caused widespread uproar on social media after telling the media that 19-year-old Antoine Watson assaulted Thai immigrant Vichar Ratanapakdee (84) because Watson was having a “tantrum.”

Ratanapakdee was shoved to the ground as he walked through the city’s Anza Vista area.  Watson was apprehended and placed under custody.

Former San Francisco deputy police chief Garret Tom said it was the last straw.

One study found that Chinese Americans voted nearly 30 percentage points more in favor of the Boudin recall and removing school board members than the general voting population.