UN Chief Makes Bolt Climate Announcement

A report shows that Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres issued a dire warning about the state of the world’s climate recently, only weeks after stating that the era of global warming is over, and the period of global boiling is here.

Guterres based his allegation on a statement from an EU monitoring organization predicting that 2023 would be the hottest year in history.

Scientists utilized proxy data like ice cores and tree rings to compare current temperatures to those before the beginning of records in the mid-19th century.

The socialist Guterres warned in a statement that the dog days of summer now are barking and biting and that the climate collapse has started. He claimed that climate change is entirely the result of human activity.

A report reveals that concerns about rising global surface temperatures on average have increased as Earth has gradually warmed, sporadically, during the past three or four hundred years following the end of the Little Ice Age. When the brief period of cooling ended, and the present, continuous warming surge began, the Global Cooling fright of the 1970s gave way to Global Warming alarmism.

The report explains that propagandists misrepresent the mild and primarily beneficial global warming as heating and hotness. Death and illness are now required to support the climate emergency agenda’s narrative of deadly heat.

As a result, the mainstream media repeats the message that the rising climate and long, hot summers in the Northern Hemisphere are annihilating us.
Historically, considerably more people have perished due to freezing and low temperatures than due to extreme heat and high temperatures. There are far more fatalities associated with cold temperatures than with high ones. Any report saying otherwise is either completely uninformed or deliberately misleading.

A climate expert predicted in 2000 that children wouldn’t know what snow was, according to the British newspaper The Independent. In reality, if it keeps snowing like it has in the last several decades, California might break historical snowfall records for 2023.