Toyota Issues Recall Of 751k Highlanders

Toyota announced last week that it is recalling around 751,000 Toyota Highlanders from the model years 2020 through 2023, including hybrids, to fix a problem with the mounting tabs that the front bumper covers in place, the Associated Press reported.

According to Toyota, the Highlanders under recall have resin lower bumper covers on the front that are connected by mounting tabs. However, even a minor impact on the lower bumper cover assembly could cause the mounting tabs to detach, sending the parts of the bumper cover assembly onto the road to become a hazard.

Under the recall, Toyota dealers will inspect the mounting tabs for damage. If there is no damage, improved hardware will be installed to hold the covers. If damage is found, the upper and/or lower bumper covers will be replaced and improved hardware added.

Highlander owners affected will be notified by late December. Owners can also check their Highlander online to see if it is affected by the recall by entering their VIN or license plate numbers at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.

Recalls are issued either by the manufacturer or the NHTSA when a vehicle or part “creates an unreasonable safety risk or fails to meet minimum safety standards,” according to the NHTSA website.

According to the New York Times, it is not clear if there had been any reports of crashes due to the faulty lower bumper cover mounting tabs.

Highlanders were among the Toyota models in a previous recall this year involving an electrical connection loss in the cable in the steering column that prevented the driver’s side airbag from deploying in a crash.

Toyota said on Friday that it is providing improved mounting clips and fasteners globally, the Times reported.

The company said a recall is ordered if it believes that the defect is “safety-related.”