Tom Hanks Under Fire For Private Jet Use

As he stepped off his private plane at Liverpool Airport on Wednesday, Tom Hanks welcomed the workers with a kind handshake, proving once again that he is ever the gentleman. As he strode onto the tarmac, the 67-year-old award–winning actor looked sharp.

The Liverpool Empire Theatre hosted his performance of “An Evening with Tom Hanks” when he was in town.

In this behind-the-scenes look, Tom will show the audience how an idea becomes a completed film and discuss how his Hollywood experience inspired him to create a book.

“Affectionate and endlessly entertaining” is how novelist and comedian Richard Osman characterized the event.

However, the event was not free of controversy. Activists are not impressed with “gentleman Hanks” – and his accomplishments as an entertainer- because Hanks arrived in Liverpool in his ozone-depleting, global warming-causing private carbon-spewing jet.

People concerned with climate feel that pontificating celebrities are hypocrites. On the one hand, they express concern for issues, lending their names to causes (perhaps just to elevate their industry profile), but they do little else.

For instance, despite Steven Spielberg’s claims that he is ‘terrified of climate change,’ his private plane has used almost $116,000 of jet fuel since June.

This week, Fox News revealed that, according to flight monitoring data obtained by Celebrity Jets from ADS-B Exchange, the Gulfstream G650 plane had flown 17,000 miles on 16 separate flights since June 23.

The director has previously addressed his concerns about climate change, urging “everyone” to remember that it may “pose a hazard to your children and grandkids.”

Some have voiced their disapproval of Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Mark Wahlberg’s use of private planes worth millions of dollars for short trips.

Over the last six months, Celeb Jets has documented the travels of famous people, including those whose flights lasted less than thirty minutes.

Kylie Jenner’s 12-minute trip across California led to her being vilified as a “climate criminal” by incensed environmentalists.