Kanye West Under Investigation For Punching Man, Says Wife Was Assaulted

Allegations surfaced that Kanye West,46, got into a fight in Los Angeles with a guy who allegedly touched his wife, Bianca Censori, improperly.

The rapper’s camp denies that Bianca was only shoved during the altercation and claims she was groped inappropriately by an unidentified male who also made lewd remarks.

The injured individual did not need any kind of medical treatment. On Tuesday night, he decided to notify the authorities about the assault. Reportedly, Bianca and Kanye quickly vacated the location.

The West camp says she was cradled by her waist under her clothes and kissed her passionately as he playfully twirled her around, his hands touching her body.

The event allegedly took place on Tuesday night after Bianca and the father-of-four were seen strolling barefoot in Disneyland, California,

The 29-year-old Australian architect and her rapper husband made a surprise appearance at the theme park this week, which generated quite a sensation.

Bandages partly covering Bianca’s naked feet and ankles drew attention.

Given Disneyland’s stringent rules against “inappropriate” clothes, several critics have questioned how Bianca gained admission to the resort.

Proper dress, including shoes and shirts, is always required under Disneyland’s Guest Courtesy and Dress Policies.

According to the guidelines, the corporation can reject access or ask them to leave if a person is wearing apparel that Disneyland considers unsuitable.

An angry user asked why Disney made an exception, saying that what she wore was out of place in a home environment. He said in an effort to save his priceless leather shoes from the rain, he braved the storm barefoot, but a Disneyworld Florida employee scolded him. Several individuals found the hypocrisy to be rather irritating.

Another person said they should all try taking off their shoes.

Ed is inappropriate. For what reason aren’t more people speaking out against these two?

As a change from his typical all-black wardrobe, Kanye was seen in videos with Bianca at Disneyland wearing a white sweatshirt and loose eggshell slacks. His four children from a previous marriage to Kim Kardashian were noticeably absent.

This is not the first time the “Jesus Walks” singer has encountered such controversy. A case was initiated against him in early 2022 for assault, battery, and carelessness. An autograph seeker named Justin Poplawski allegedly was punched by West. Poplawski claimed to have been verbally and physically attacked by West while waiting outside a hotel for the musician to sign an autograph.

He said that he had no problems getting the signature from Kanye West.

After reviewing the event, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office concluded that there was insufficient evidence to warrant criminal charges.