Imprisoned Ex-Lawyer Avenatti Says Hush Money Trial ‘Grossly Unfair’

Donald Trump has gained an unusual ally in his “hush money” trial.

Earlier last week, Michael Avenatti—who represented adult film star Stormy Daniels—vehemently opposed the case that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was pursuing against the former president. Additionally, Avenatti discussed why he wanted to be a witness in the lawsuit.

In light of rumors that he may be prepared to testify against Trump—he asserts to have spoken with the former president’s legal team—Avenatti, now serving a lengthy jail term for several offenses, called into Sea Hannity’s nighttime Fox show to address the matter.

Critics say that if Donald Trump is reelected president, federal prisoner Michael Avenatti is sucking up to Trump to get a pardon if he should be victorious in November.

From the federal jail on Terminal Island in Southern California, Stormy Daniels’ ex-lawyer has started making the rounds on various radio and television outlets. Avenatti is serving a lengthy prison term on several counts of extortion, fraud, obstruction, and identity theft. He is facing time stemming from the misappropriation of royalties from a book by Daniels. Because of his persistent criticism of the former president, the ex-attorney received considerable leftwing media attention when Trump was in office. Many leftwing pundits urged Avenatti to run for president.

Avenatti spoke with Hannity, criticizing the criminal allegations that Trump is now facing in New York—the allegations center on his tenure as president and the alleged fabrication of company documents. 

During his interview, Avenatti stated his position that the case is “grossly unfair,” adding that he is aware his stance may surprise many people. He said he wants to be clear—he disagrees with Trump strongly on most subjects—but he feels the charges against Trump are politicized. 

He said even serial killers are rarely tried in different trials at the same time.

Given that the convict represented Daniels, who reportedly got hush money from Trump to hide an affair, Hannity asked about the possibility of the inmate testifying at Trump’s trial in New York. In response, Avenatti said that, as a witness, he would be more credible than Michael Cohen, the former Trump lawyer who oversaw the payment.

It seems pretty unlikely that Avenatti will be called upon to give testimony.

If he is reelected president, Trump will probably pardon individuals. One of the president’s last acts as head of state was to pardon Steve Bannon, a former White House adviser with whom he had a rift and whom he often called “Sloppy Steve.”