The Rise of Secret Billionaire Retreats That Are Incredibly Exclusive

Millionaires are increasingly attending exclusive private retreats, such as the Colorado Rockies, a Sicilian resort, or a Utah ski lodge, to escape the limelight and make deals. These gatherings have grown to over 800 in the last several years, making Davos look like a Las Vegas trade expo. Elon Musk, for example, turned down the Davos offer in 2022 because it sounded “boring af.” It wasn’t because he believed they were plotting anything evil.

Musk is eager to attend the September event in Aspen, Colorado, which is the crown jewel of the more recent, smaller circuit. The most well-attended panel at the event was a discussion between Walter Isaacson, author of his biography, and CBS news host Gayle King. He also crossed paths with celebrities like Karlie Kloss and Ron Howard while others rode bikes or took golf lessons.

One of the most clandestine shows was hosted by Ari Emanuel, CEO of the Endeavor media conglomerate. He had The Weekend perform.

According to Sportscorp founder Marc Ganis, the guest list is the most crucial aspect of a gathering because it dictates the conference’s exclusivity level. Whoever shows up makes all the difference.

In addition to the deal-making business executives, there are plenty of famous people to amuse and entice visitors. MediaSlopes, held at the Deer Valley resort in Park City, Utah, attracted Margot Robbie last year when Barbie-mania was at its height. Several famous faces, including Maria Sharapova, Edward Norton, Paris Hilton, and Al Gore, have been seen there in recent years, mixing and mingling with the wealthy. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, conducts high-impact fitness sessions, while Wade Davis, CEO of Univision, once won the annual slalom race.


Speaking engagements include Brilliant Minds, where former president Obama has also appeared. The event, started in 2015 by Ash Pournouri, an entrepreneur, and Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, takes participants on excursions around Stockholm, such as a cruise.

Google Camp, held annually for customers and partners by the internet giant, is more practical and easy to understand. Attendees, including millionaires, arrive in private planes from around the globe to relax at the breathtaking Verdura Resort in Sicily. Over 300 people mix aboard megayachts worth $400 million and drive around Sicily in automobiles costing $200,000 each.

Stream, hosted by WPP, is referred to as an “unconference” by its organizers. It has absolutely no organization whatsoever. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff conducts many of these gatherings, bringing a famous chef each time.