Teen and Brother Arrested After Assaulting Coach For Benching Him

A Texas high school basketball player and his brother were arrested and charged with assault on December 5 for attacking the teen’s basketball coach in the school parking lot after the coach benched him during a game earlier in the evening, ABC News reported.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Willis Independent High School just before 10:00 p.m. on December 5 after receiving reports of an assault in the school parking lot.

According to a statement from the Montgomery County Sheriff, the victim said he had been assaulted by several people, including one of his players, after he returned to the school following the team’s game against Conroe High School.

The coach said he had benched the player during the game due to his behavior with one of the players on the opposing team, making the player and his family angry. When the victim returned to the high school, the player and members of his family were waiting for him in the parking lot.

The coach told deputies that he went inside the school and when he came back out later, the player and his family were still in the parking waiting for him. The teen and his family verbally confronted the coach but eventually, the confrontation grew violent with the teen punching the coach in the face. The benched player’s 22-year-old brother then joined in assaulting the coach.

Several other bystanders in the parking lot, including one of the other coaches from the team, saw the altercation and quickly intervened to break it up. Once they broke up the fight, the two brothers fled the scene.

The coach suffered injuries to his head, face, neck, and arms.

According to the sheriff’s office, security footage from the parking lot as well as witness statements corroborated the victim’s statement of facts.

A short time after the assault, the 17-year-old student and his older brother were located and placed under arrest. The two brothers were charged with assault on a public servant and taken to the Montgomery County Jail.

Both brothers posted the $23,000 bond and were released from custody.