Schwarzenegger Reveals His Pick For President

Arnold Schwarzenegger last weekend suggested that he would like to see West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin run for president in 2024, The Hill reported.

While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the former California governor was asked by host Kirsten Welker if any of the current 2024 candidates “bring the type of leadership” needed today.

The moderate Republican suggested Senator Manchin, explaining that the West Virginia Democrat is “kind of like a center guy.”

Schwarzenegger explained that while Manchin “comes from an energy state,” he is a Democrat and understands the challenges. He added that Manchin is one politician that he believes is a “great force.”

Schwarzenegger said there were others that could also stand a chance in 2024. While he wouldn’t endorse anyone else, Schwarzenegger said he thinks others should be given a “chance to emerge.”

Schwarzenegger explained that with the way things are right now, Donald Trump sucks all of the oxygen “out of everything” on one side while Biden is doing the same on the other.

The action film star also admitted that he would love to run for president if he was allowed to, explaining that he would love to show the country that Americans “can come together” and do the “kind of things that Ronald Reagan did.” But since he can’t legally run for president, Schwarzenegger said he will be content with helping other people.

Senator Manchin is up for reelection in 2024 and has so far not announced whether he will seek another term in the Senate or attempt a 3rd-party run for the White House.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has already announced a 3rd-party run in 2024. In the latest Quinnipiac poll, Kennedy is polling at 22 percent against Biden and Trump with President Biden in the lead with 39 percent, followed by Trump at 36 percent.