Retired Army Brig. Says Iran Detecting Biden’s Weakness

The war in Ukraine continues to be waged nearly two years since the commencement of hostilities. While hundreds of thousands of civilians and combatants have been killed or maimed, the conflict continues with no signs of cessation. While both Russia and Ukraine’s governing institutions and state-leaders have acted questionably, significant international condemnation in the western world has been centered at Vladimir Putin, the longtime leader of the Russian nation. Nations across the European and North American continents have painted Putin as a warmonger and an international aggressor threatening the sovereignty of an unprovoked and peaceable Ukrainian nation. While this remains debatable, serious problems within the Russian military have been brought to light, as what was thought to be an easy victory for the nation has become a drawn out, stalemated conflict. As the death toll continued to rise heading into this summer, mercenary soldiers serving the Russian cause marched on Moscow in June. In what was viewed as the most serious challenge to Putin’s authority in twenty years, Yevgeny Prigozhin led soldiers under his command towards Moscow in rebellion.

After a tense period, a deal was brokered which ended the revolt and forced Prigozhin out of mainland Russia and into Belarus. In the immediate aftermath of the action, Putin vowed to take action against Prigozhin, but no further conflicts between the two individuals occurred as the summer progressed. Despite this, it appears Prigozhin has passed away after being identified as one of ten passengers on board a plane that crashed in mainland Russia while on route to St. Petersburg. While his death was quickly reported, the true reasons for the accident remain unknown.

As war continues in Europe, it also rages in the Middle East between Israel and Islamist terrorists. A retired U.S. Army Brigadier General named Anthony Tata claims that the conflict there has been exacerbated due to President Biden’s incompetence and that nations like Iran have become emboldened.