Possible Terror Plot Against Jews Thwarted In Europe

Authorities in Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands announced multiple arrests for suspected terrorist activity last week, CNN reported.

German and Dutch authorities arrested four suspected Hamas members for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in Europe.

In a December 14 statement, Germany’s federal prosecutor said three suspects were arrested in Germany and a fourth was arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of planning attacks on Jewish institutions.

Two of the three suspects arrested in Germany were Lebanese while the third was Egyptian, according to the federal prosecutor. The individual arrested in the Netherlands was said to be a Dutch national.

Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said the arrests show that German securities authorities have acted vigilantly and consistently. She said protecting Jewish citizens “is our top priority” and Germany would use “all constitutional means” to ensure that Jews living in Europe are safe.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said attacks on Jewish people and institutions in Germany had increased following the October 7 terror attacks in Israel. He said Germany would do “everything we can” to ensure that Jews living in Germany never have to “fear for their safety again.”

Meanwhile, authorities in Denmark and the Netherlands also announced the arrest of four other individuals suspected of terrorist offenses, however, the Danish Intelligence Agency said the cases were not directly connected to the four arrests made by German and Dutch authorities.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told TV 2 that the incident prompting the arrests was “about as serious as it can be.” She said some who live in Denmark “do not wish us well” and are against everything Danish society believes in, namely, happiness, freedom, equality, and democracy.

The arrests come after European Commission for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson warned that the war in Gaza has heightened polarization in Europe and created a “huge risk” for terrorist attacks, particularly during the holidays.