NASCAR Accused Of Discriminating Against White People

In the United States, over the last century and even prior, the realm of professional sports has grown exorbitantly. Indeed, what was largely a foreign concept to the average American some 120 to 150 years ago has become a massive aspect of the overarching consumerist American entertainment economy. Professional sports in the United States originated largely with the rise of major league baseball at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the decades following this occurrence, American football gained prominence, and later on in the 20th century the major sports of basketball and hockey also emerged as national leagues. Ultimately, sports today in the progressional sense is a very lucrative business: tens of billions of dollars in revenue is generated annually across the nation. Across all American professional sports in 2023, sponsorships alone accounted for a record breaking 6.7 billion in revenue.

Without a doubt, sports and sporting events hold a huge influence over the average American. Many individuals across the country have long viewed athletics and organized leagues as a leisurely activity, and have deemed these leagues as a welcoming escape from the stresses of everyday life. Indeed, as the world becomes more chaotic and violent with each passing day and the economic and social institutions of the United States continue to deteriorate, a night spent watching an entertaining game can alleviate the stresses of reality.

One sporting organization, NASCAR, is coming under fire for alleged discrimination. The professional racing organization is widely popular in the southern United States, and overwhelmingly enjoyed and patronized by white Americans. Despite this, the organization has reportedly been attempting to artificially “diversify” the demographics of drivers and pit crew members. America First Legal, headed by Stephen Miller (a former official within the Trump administration) filed a petition which requested the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission to begin an investigation into NASCAR. Miller alleges the organization discriminated against white individuals.