Multiple States Deploy U.S. Troops

Since Title 42’s expiration last week, multiple states have responded to Texas’ request for assistance by sending military and law enforcement troops to the southern border to deal with the crisis.

In response to the “unwillingness of the Biden Administration to put public safety over politics,” Republican Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves announced that his state would send Guardsmen. 

It seems like every state feels as if they are a border state.

The 1,500 active-duty troops the Biden administration sent to the border before Title 42 expired were focused on paperwork; the Guardsmen will be deterrent-oriented.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that on Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis indicated he would send National Guard and law enforcement forces to Texas to assist with border security.

Reports say that in addition to the 800 members of the Florida National Guard, Governor Rick Scott is also sending 200 members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and 101 highway patrol officers. The plan also includes ten ships and five planes with fixed wings.

The announcement by DeSantis comes on the same day that Texas Governor Greg Abbott wrote to his other governors requesting their help in securing the border now that Title 42, the health legislation instituted during the pandemic, has expired. This approach allowed federal border officials to return illegal immigrants to Mexico swiftly. Late Thursday, the arrangement passed, prompting Abbott to warn other governors about an impending influx of migrants.

Abbott said that Texas is hardly the only state affected by illegal border crossings that the Biden Administration is inviting.  Abbott said the Governors must work together to address Biden’s crisis and provide the peace of mind that all Americans deserve.

According to Abbott, the Emergency Management Assistance Compact allows for such cooperation between governments during calamity.

The move by the Florida governor is a prelude to his announcement that he will run for president, challenging the early frontrunner, former President Donald Trump.