Multiple Dead & Injured After Shots Fired At Home

Early Sunday, amid an altercation at a party at a residence in Oklahoma, bullets were fired, killing two and wounding three, according to the police.

Adam Ballance, 40, and Tyrell Junior,16, got into a gunfight at a family gathering on November 19, according to the Tulsa Police Department.

At 1:57 in the morning, authorities received a complaint of gunshots at a residence in the area of Apache Avenue and Harvard Street.

Balance fatally shot Junior on the spot. Balance was reportedly shot and pronounced dead at the hospital.

The three teenagers cited in the court filings were Michael Thomas, Tyrell Junior, and a fourth youngster called “Marco.”

The three were reportedly ordered to leave the residence due to the presence of firearms. Court records indicate that they were unwilling to go.

Homeowner Adam Ballance, 40, informed the lads, “You aren’t the only one with firearms here,” before pulling out his AR15.

The altercation escalated to the front yard when 16-year-old Tyrell Junior brandished a firearm at Ballance. Before it, Ballance fired a shot at Junior. Junior and Michael Thomas, both 15 years old, returned fire.

Ballance succumbed to his wounds after being shot many times in the head, chest, and elbow. Additionally, Junior was struck several times and succumbed to his wounds.

Thomas was shot by one of Ballance’s sons, who had retrieved his AR after he had fallen.

Allegedly, Thomas bolted from the scene but realized he had left behind his phone.

According to the court filings, he went back and got into another gunfight with Ballance’s kid.

Thomas took a bullet to the arm, while Ballance’s kid took a bullet to the leg. Thomas retreated, but the police eventually caught up with him near the house.

Additionally, an 18-year-old who was inside the residence at the time of the gunshots was hit and is now listed in serious condition.

Thomas faces many charges, including first-degree murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, discharging a gun into a home, and shooting with intent to kill.