Mainstream Media Panics After Trump v Biden Poll Breaks

After being indicted four times this year, former President Donald Trump is surprising mainstream media again by polling at the same level as current President Joe Biden.

The Real Clear Politics average of the most recent polls on a potential rematch between Biden and Trump shows that Trump has made significant gains in the previous two weeks, cutting the deficit to less than one percentage point. The results of the most recent survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal showed a statistical tie between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump at 46%.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos said the survey results are “sort of stunning.”

Stephanopoulos said with each passing month, with each new indictment, Donald Trump appears to be solidifying his influence over the Republican Party.

Two-thirds of Democratic voters said the president is too elderly to compete for reelection in a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, which should give Biden pause. According to the survey, voters are unhappy with President Biden’s management of the economy, inflation, border security, or relations with China.

Trump outperformed Biden in terms of “vision for the future,” “has a great record of successes as president,” and “is psychologically up for the job.” Both honesty and “likability” were rated higher for Biden than for Trump.

Even the hosts of “The View,” a liberal daytime talk program, were taken aback by Trump’s poll figures. Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served as White House director of Strategic Communications and assistant to the president under Trump in 2020, expressed confusion as to why Republicans would continue to back the ex-president in light of his ongoing legal troubles.

Considering the most recent surveys, Biden has 44.7% of the RCP average, while Trump has 44.0%, within the statistical margin of error.

According to Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight, Trump’s advantage in the Republican primary has remained over 50%. In pursuing Trump as the Republican nominee, the other GOP contenders haven’t made much progress since last week’s update on the RCP average.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Republican who poses the greatest threat to the outgoing president, saw his poll numbers rise little after the first Republican presidential debate. With his current 14.8 percent, DeSantis is the only other Republican contender in double digits.