Ivanka Trump Reveals Family Adopted Abandoned Pop

Former first daughter and White House senior advisor Ivanka Trump has taken to social media to announce the adoption of a second dog, Simba, four years after coming under fire for purchasing a purebred puppy for her daughter.

The mother of three, who is 42 years old, posted a photo of her family embracing their newest addition to the family beside her daughter Arabella’s snow-white dog, Winter, whom she bought in 2019. Ivanka Trump got Simba from the same Florida shelter that the Trumps asked for contributions from: Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Ivanka provided details on many shelters where her followers might adopt a dog. These included the Shelter Pet Project, Rescue Rock Dog in New York City, and Big Dog Rescue, the US’s biggest cage-free, no-kill dog rescue. In addition, she posted photos of her loved ones and their pets, such as a picture of Arabella and Winter.

Online critics mocked Ivanka’s 2019 purchase of Winter, a dog, and said that the Trump family would get along swimmingly with the “all-white” dog. Nevertheless, admirers complimented the parent about her compassion and love for animals when she adopted Simba.

Ivanka has spent much time fulfilling a new passion—traveling—since leaving the political world. Following her father’s resignation from government in January 2021, she and her husband Jared took their three children and moved to Miami, Florida. Afterward, Ivanka began posting Instagram photos from her opulent vacations.

It is believed that Ivanka’s March journey to Jerusalem with Jared and their youngest son Theodore, who is seven years old, was her ninth trip in a year. Although she was raised in a Christian household, Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009 to marry Jared. Since then, she and Jared have grown their children in the same religion. Neither the couple’s daughter Arabella nor their eldest son Joseph were in sight.

Visiting several countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Ivanka spent the latter part of 2022 on a globe tour.