GOP Rep. Praises Speakership Decision

Rep. David Kustoff, R-Tenn., praised the newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., as the ideal leader for the current moment during a conversation on Newsmax’s “American Agenda.”

On Wednesday, Kustoff expressed confidence in Johnson, stating, “We’re operating with a slim majority. However, with his approach, communicative skills, and leadership, Mike Johnson is adeptly navigating the challenges among Republican members, particularly concerning expenditure reduction.”

“Consequently, Speaker Johnson is precisely the leader we need now to maintain Republican unity and focus,” Kustoff added.

Johnson secured the speaker position on Wednesday with a 220-209 vote.

The newly inaugurated House Speaker, Mike Johnson, announced on Sunday his intention to introduce a bill dedicated solely to aiding Israel this week. This move contrasts with the Biden administration’s desire to present a more comprehensive aid package that includes support for Ukraine.

After assuming his role as Speaker, Johnson (R-La.) expressed his wish for Congress to separate the assistance for Israel and Ukraine.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” he stated, “We will be presenting an exclusive bill for Israel’s funding in the House this week. We recognize the immediacy and significance of this issue.”

The Biden administration had hoped to combine aid for both Israel and Ukraine to enhance the chances of securing additional support for Ukraine from a GOP-led House that has shown reservations.

The White House unveiled an extensive $106 billion supplemental budget earlier in the month. This includes requests for $61.4 billion for Ukraine, $14.3 billion for Israel, $14 billion for immigration enforcement, and $16.55 billion for other matters, including Taiwan.

Johnson has hinted at allocating $14.5 billion for Israel in the past, marginally more than President Biden’s proposition. Moreover, he emphasized the need for such an amount to be counterbalanced by reductions in spending in other areas.

Last week, the Republican from Louisiana discussed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the phone, emphasizing the urgency to support the conflict-afflicted ally swiftly.
While Johnson has opposed Ukraine aid measures on multiple instances, such as in September and against a $39.8 billion proposal last May, he has shown support for Ukraine in its efforts to resist Russian aggression.

Addressing Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Johnson remarked, “Vladimir Putin mustn’t succeed in Ukraine. If he does, it could potentially encourage China against Taiwan. We stand committed to not forsaking them.”