Controversial Teacher Gets Police Escort To School

The Canadian teacher who wore enormous fake breasts to class received a police escort for his first day teaching at a new school in Toronto. Kayla Lemieux arrived at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School on September 5 surrounded by police officers and accompanied by an unmarked car. Lemieux appeared male and was no longer sporting the large prosthetic breasts. He had a beard and wore sunglasses while walking toward the school entrance.

The strange story of Kayla Lemieux first came to light last September when pupils at Oakville Trafalgar High School took photos of him wearing the large breasts in class and these went viral on social media. Despite complaints from pupils and parents, the school sided with Lemieux and treated the matter as a transgender civil rights issue. The teacher even insisted that his breasts were real.

In April this year, however, a Rebel News reporter confronted Lemieux taking a taxi in Ontario but without wearing the breasts. “Mr. Lemieux, where are your breasts? I thought your breasts were real. Where are your breasts?” the reporter shouted, but he did not receive a response.

Now that he is teaching again, parents are furious and many feel that they have been gaslighted by school authorities. “It is infuriating. We had a year of complete chaos. We were told Lemieux’s breasts were real and we couldn’t question Lemieux’s gender, but now we see Lemieux is actually male and the breasts were never real,” said parent Celina Close.

Many people believe that the story is so odd and unbelievable that Mr. Lemieux must be performing a grand joke. An anonymous poster on an online forum said, “This dude is gaming the system.” He went on to allege that the teacher was reprimanded for displaying “toxic masculinity” and refusing to adopt the norms of “woke” culture. His response was to pretend to be trans, be as outlandish as possible, and expose the absurdity of some aspects of the transgender issue.