California Student Dies in Fatal Climbing Accident at Big Sur Waterfall

While visiting Big Sur, a daring young man from California Polytechnic State University tragically fell to his death.  He was a third-year mechanical engineering student.

The Monterey County sheriff’s office said that just before 8 p.m. on April 6, first responders discovered the body of 21-year-old Kenneth Taylor at the base of a 120-foot waterfall on the rocky coast of California. Officials have said that they do not suspect foul play.

A San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s department representative informed the Tribune newspaper that the incident was officially documented as a climbing mishap.

In a statement, the university community remembered Taylor’s kindness and love of the outdoors. His technical expertise was second to none, but his warmth, humor, and enthusiasm for adventure were remarkable.

According to the institution, mental health counseling services are being made available to university students and staff.

One of Southern California’s biggest year-round waterfalls,  the Big Falls waterfall near Forest Falls, drops around 500 feet. Unfortunately, the path leading to the waterfall’s peak has been inaccessible since 2019 because of the large volume of rescue operations in the vicinity, so finding the route may be rather challenging. The uneven terrain, slick rocks, and rapid water flow make it even more risky.

Reports show that when the water levels are excessive, or the ground is treacherous, the hiking routes and waterfalls in Big Sur and the surrounding regions may be very hazardous, leading to severe injuries or even death. Everybody trying to reach these natural wonders should be very careful and well-prepared.

Big Sur stretches from Monterey Bay to San Simeon on the coast of central California. The most picturesque route in Big Sur is the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), constructed almost a hundred years ago and serves as the region’s major thoroughfare. The roadway, perched precariously on the cliffs above the ocean, offers breathtaking views as it winds down the coastline.