Broadcast Hosts Stare Down Each Other Over Golf

After Brooks Koepka won the PGA Championship in 2023, The Golf Channel began discussing LIV Golf again.

Brad Faxon and Brandel Chamblee, after Koepka’s victory, speculated about the likelihood of his playing in the Ryder Cup, a competition between 12-man teams representing the United States and Europe. Since Koepka left the PGA Tour and defected to the Saudi LIV Golf for greater rewards, his inclusion on the U.S. team is controversial. The event is organized by the PGA of America and Ryder Cup Europe.

Faxon thinks it’s an excellent idea for him to compete on behalf of the United States.

You never hear a bad word about Brooks Koepka, he said.

He said he thinks Brooks would be a great asset to the squad, especially in the locker room, when Captain (Zach Johnson) starts preaching about character. Faxon, no love was love lost when Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed, and Bryson DeChambeau left. Not a lot of fans were singing their praises. 

However, Chamblee was concerned that this would be a “slap in the face” to the players who remained faithful to the PGA and could lead to the legitimization of LIV Golf.

He said the person who left the PGA tour and took the money can now have it both ways. He feared having a LIV team member participate in the Ryder Cup would lend credibility to the league.

Faxon said that the Masters’ Tournament had already established a standard by keeping its word to those who had earned a spot in the tournament. Although LIV golfers have more difficulty qualifying for the other major championships, they can compete.

Faxon pointed out that they’re not playing for money at the Ryder Cup. They’re representing the national team, and Koepka was born in the United States.

Chamblee has implied that Koepka may choose to play more for LIV than the U.S. because many European players play more for their tour than their country; Faxon argued, “They’re playing golf.” 

The two stared at each other for several seconds while the camera rolled. Faxon’s laughter relieved the strain.