17-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Group Of Men in Iraq For “Immodesty”

(FreedomBeacon.com)- At a motorcycle event in Iraq, a shocking video shows a teenage girl being attacked by men for dressing “immodestly.”

A male mob accused the 17-year-old of distracting riders at the racing event in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, making her the target of their attention.

A spectator in Sulaymaniyah captured and posted a video of the teenager trying to leave the area before forcing her to flee as a mob of men chased her while shouting “B****.”

The Iranian girl was decked out in a cardigan, a skirt, and a black vest top.

She is seen walking away from the large group of men and boys still shouting at her and recording her on their phones while holding a tissue to her face.

In other videos uploaded to TikTok, she was surrounded by bikers on the track as onlookers applauded them.

Men surround her. One man kicks her as she lands on a parked car.

The location is rumored to be a well-known venue for racing competitions that frequently feature female competitors, and the girl, identified as L Tehrani, is said to be a regular at the track.

According to a report by Kurdistan’s Draw Media, men demanded that women be excluded from this particular event on December 30.

A Khanaq, a male friend of the girl, attempted to step in and take her to safety.

The National News reported that he was instead beaten and stabbed by the crowd.

The Sulaymaniyah police detained sixteen men in connection with the incident, and numerous knives and swords were also found in possession of the suspects.

The incident occurred as female protesters in neighboring Iran continued to rip off their hijabs, chop off their hair, and fight with police in a protest over the death of a young woman arrested for not wearing the veil while in police custody.

An Iranian woman who had removed her headscarf at a protest last year was recently sentenced to ten years for “encouraging prostitution.”