Woke Icon’s Reputation Up In Flames After Scandal

In recent years, the United States has been engulfed in a serious cultural battle. For several years after and even prior to Donald Trump’s victory during the presidential election of 2016, Conservatives and Progressives have clashed with each other. Leftists have long sought to irrevocably alter the traditional social and cultural normalities of western culture, and in recent years they have made significant progress. From the legalization of gay marriage and the widespread support of the LGBTQ community amongst the general public (a marked change in public sentiment in just a few short decades), the legalization of late term abortions, and the modern feminist movement which has completely altered family and community dynamics (often for the worse), times are changing in America.

This cultural war is prevalent everywhere, and nearly every aspect of American society has been tainted with political influence. From national sports leagues promoting progressive political causes, to even new releases in terms of film and videography leaning ever leftward, even areas of entertainment that have long served as escapes from the reality of politics have not been spared. In the area of education, battles have raged in public schools across the country as progressives have implemented radical new curriculums and education mandates across many states. Parents have been pitted against administrators and claim that their rights of parental authority are being violated. In New Jersey, the state government mandated that students who wished to identify as transgender at school are to be allowed to change their name of choice without parental consent.

Things continue to worsen in regard to the LGBTQ movement. As many progressives attempt to push these radical gender ideologies on public school children by mandating their instruction and teaching in public schools at increasingly young levels, leading figures in the movement continue to prove concerned parents correct. One “drag time” cross dressing star named Darius Jeremy Pierce has been accused of repeated sexual assaults.