Fresh Gallup Poll Reveals Biden Slipping in Key Areas, Trump Steady

As the United States remains engulfed in a polarized, tense political divide, President Joe Bidens approval ratings remain poor. While many Americans across the nation have become rigid in partisan support and unwilling to engage in dialogue with those ideologically different than themselves, a rare unifying factor in many regions of the nation is the president’s unpopularity. Indeed, even in blue states like New Jersey, the 46th president is underwater– shockingly, in a place where he won by a double digit margin just three years ago. Despite this, Biden remains primed to be the Democrat nominee in 2024. One federal Democratic representative has voiced his concerns with this strategy and expressed his worry that a Biden candidacy in 2024 would open the door for the former 45th president, Donald Trump, to return to power.

Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district has voiced his displeasure with Biden, stating that he believes Donald Trump is at his strongest with Biden as an opponent. While the overwhelming majority of Democrats remain in lockstep with one another, leaving no room for criticism of the president’s performance, Phillips has bucked the trend, displaying his concerns openly. The Minnesotan congressman of four years cites the presidents advanced age- at 80 years old, he raises legitimate questions as to whether Biden would be able to handle the rigors of the office. Phillips does offer praise for Bidens “legislative accomplishments” such as the Inflation Reduction Act, but wants the 46th president to step aside, cementing his legacy.

Bidens performance and accomplishments while serving as president are the subject of significant debate, even among democrat leaning media networks.

A recently published Gallup poll shows Biden has received weaker ratings in comparison to the same study given in the 2020 election. Most Americans are less likely to give Biden favorable ratings in terms of managing the government; he is down nearly 6 percentage points in many notable categories.