WH Refuses To Respond On Biden Speaking With The Dead

Last week, a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about President Joe Biden’s mental health after he said he recently talked to a dead French President. When the reporter asked her about this, Jean-Pierre got agitated.

In his speech in Las Vegas over a week ago, before the Nevada primary, Biden talked about a G-7 meeting in the UK and a meeting of NATO leaders in June 2021. He said that the breach of the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was brought up during those meetings.

Biden recently said he spoke to Mitterrand, from France, about America. Biden claimed he remembered bringing up Francois Mitterrand, President of France at the time.

One big problem with that memory is that Mitterrand, France’s president from 1981 to ’95, has been declared dead since 1996. Emmanuel Macron was the French President at the 2021 G-7 meeting,

Last week, a reporter asked Jean-Pierre how President Biden could ever persuade the majority of voters who have concerns about his mental and physical well-being. Even though he told a story in Las Vegas about recently talking to a murdered French president?”

She replied that she would not go down that “rabbit hole.”

The reporter shot back that it was not a rabbit hole.  Biden said he spoke to Mitterrand, who was ‘president of France at the time.’

Jean-Pierre claimed nothing was wrong and that the reporter saw President Biden in Las Vegas, California, South Carolina, and Michigan. Jean-Pierre abruptly ended the discussion.

To make things worse, President Biden has hit his head several times while getting off Marine One.  The events occurred twice, once on June 2, 2023, and again recently on February 12. Voters and the media have talked about their worries about President Biden’s mental health and age, and some have even called into question his ability to run for a second term. These events have added to the current discussion about whether or not the president is healthy enough to hold office.