Trump Says Joe Biden ‘High as a Kite’ in Conservative Show Interview

Donald Trump shocked conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt by suggesting that President Biden may be using cocaine. During a recent interview, the Republican Presidential candidate discussed the possibility of debating Biden and said he hoped the President would undergo drug testing before any such event. Trump then mentioned the incident last year when officials discovered cocaine in the White House and suggested that Biden was “high” during his State of the Union address in March.

Hewitt clarified the issue and asked Trump directly, “Are you suggesting Biden is using cocaine?” Mr. Trump replied that he didn’t know what Biden was using, but he was “higher than a kite” during the State of the Union speech.

Several commentators described the address as unusually energetic. David Graham at The Atlantic called it the most “pugnacious” speech of the President’s career. Fox News’ Jesse Watters said, “They’re giving him something.” Some social media users pondered whether the Commander-in-Chief had taken Adderall – a drug that increases energy levels, improves concentration, and controls impulses – before beginning his address.

It is not the first time Donald Trump has accused Biden of using cocaine. Last summer, following revelations that security officers had found the drug at the White House, Mr. Trump said officials were using it to “pump” up the President. Trump noted that Biden begins his speeches with vigor but fades by the end. “There’s something going on there,” he said.

A subsequent Saturday Night Live sketch lampooned the former President for his suggestions, noting that he obviously knows what it feels like to use cocaine and showing clips of him dancing on stage at rallies.

GOP candidate Trump has repeatedly challenged President Biden to debate him but now insists both candidates undergo drug tests. The Biden campaign has not committed to a debate, and a spokesperson said it would depend on Mr. Trump’s behavior. Communication director Michael Tyler added that the President will decide “at the appropriate time.”