Trump Promises to Protect Law Enforcement, Crackdown on Crime

In the wake of the tragic murder of New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller, former President Trump pledged to provide police officers with a shield of safety.

Reports show Trump pledged to restore law and order and defend and compensate law enforcement during a campaign visit to Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, April 2nd. He said that restoring peace and order is of the utmost importance and that he will protect all law enforcement officials and police personnel in the US from extreme leftists’ attempts to discredit them for fighting crime.

In a promise to punish violent offenders, the former president brought up Diller’s name. Trump called New York Police Detective Jonathan Diller an incredible man and said it was a privilege to meet his family.

Reports show Diller’s murderer was arrested more than twenty-one times by various law enforcement organizations for very severe offenses. The individual accompanying him was a convicted murderer.

The left-wing cities that refuse to bring charges against dangerous criminals will be sanctioned when he is re-elected, Trump promised.

According to reports, last month, while conducting a traffic check in Queens, New York, Officer Diller was tragically shot in the stomach.

Officer Diller and one other officer approached a car parked illegally at a bus stop. They told the two individuals inside, Lindy Jones (41) and Guy Rivera (34), to move the car, but they refused. Neither of the males would leave the vehicle, lower their windows, or raise their hands.

Rivera is now facing charges of attempted murder, illegal possession of a weapon, and the murder of a police officer. The exact date of Rivera’s arraignment is uncertain since he was hospitalized after the other officer shot him when he opened fire.  Two counts of criminal weapon possession and possession of a handgun with defacement have been filed against Jones.