Train Derailment “Smell” Reported By Witness

( On Friday, the proprietor of a shop in East Palestine, Ohio, appeared on Fox News to talk about the noxious smells that permeated the region around the site where a train carrying deadly chemicals had derailed. 

He said he donned a pair of goggles and an N95 mask, but they were useless in combatting odors.  

Maggie Guglielmo told guest host Trace Gallagher that she walked into her business for the first time 36 hours following the disaster. She took extra precautions to ensure everything was safe. She needed to get a few items. During the visit, she had her eyes water and her chest tighten. 

Evacuation and shelter-in-place orders were issued when a train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3. The Cincinnati Enquirer said that on February 6th, officials warned of a probable “catastrophe” and burned chemicals in a controlled manner. 

On Monday, a friend went to her workplace, gathered several wristbands that she sells, and put them in the trunk of his vehicle. His vehicle had a foul odor the next day, so her inventory is most likely all contaminated. 

Guglielmo said she packed up her computers, cleaned them well, and put them away in storage. But she’s afraid that she’s lost all of her stock. Anything upholstered or made of paper is ruined. 

Meanwhile, another East Palestine resident, Russell Murphy, entered his basement, where the water from his well was purified. His worst fears were realized. 

“There’s an odor,” Murphy said.  

According to Murphy, a foul stench permeated the area when hundreds of fish were discovered in Lesley Run Creek and Sulfur Creek. 

Murphy said that he had sampled some of his water by bringing it up to his nose and inhaling deeply. The water smelled as it did at Lesley Run; namely, chemical.  

“Of course, I felt a pit in my stomach, panicked, and began to tremble,” Murphy said. 

This is a catastrophic event. Ukraine should wait in line for U.S. money. We have our disasters here at home.