Senate Candidate Changes Story About Getting Shot, Raises Suspicion

A Republican running for the U.S. Senate from Montana, Tim Sheehy, has modified his account of getting shot while serving, which has caused consternation on social media.

There have been conflicting versions of the tale that Sheehy, a former Navy SEAL who was endorsed in February by former President Trump, has recounted about taking a bullet while abroad. Sheehy boasted about his toughness in a December campaign video, referencing a gunshot wound that had left a bullet in his right arm. But in a document submitted to the United States District Court for the District of Montana, it is said that during a family outing to Glacier National Park in Montana, Sheehy shot himself in the right arm when his Colt.45 revolver slipped and went off as he was packing his car.

The candidate for the Senate was cited for unlawfully firing his pistol in a national park; a bullet was lodged in Sheehy’s right forearm as a result of the self-inflicted gunshot. Sheehy told The Washington Post that his 2015 remark to the ranger was false; nevertheless, when questioned about the citation more recently. To save himself and his former platoonmates from what he said was a military inquiry into a 2012 gunshot wound he had in Afghanistan, he invented the tale of the gun going off.

The reason Sheehy told the ranger the story wasn’t because he shot himself; instead, it was after he harmed himself while hiking, which led him to the hospital, where he informed the staff that he had a bullet in his arm, setting the stage for the interview with the ranger.

At the same time as Republicans saw Sheehy as their most excellent chance for the Montana seat, he has become immersed in this potentially embarrassing altered story. Nevertheless, the election between Tester and Sheehy is quite close; 42% of voters favored Sheehy, while 44% favored Tester.