Top Dem Grovels After Kennedy Schools Him On Climate

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) interrogated an influential Democrat on the subject of carbon dioxide, prompting Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)  to apologize for the tough questions he asked the witness who testified last month on Capitol Hill about climate change.

During the Senate hearing on climate change and the risk to recreation, a discussion between the American cross-country skier Gus Schumacher (invited by Democrats) and Senator John F. Kennedy went viral.

At the outset, there was a memorable moment when Kennedy reprimanded Schumacher for stating that carbon dioxide makes up a large portion of Earth’s atmosphere without being qualified to do so.

Kennedy remarked that it is a negligible portion of our atmosphere at 0.04%.

Although it occurs naturally, it is claimed to be the main greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere by humans, causing the planet’s climate to change.

While Schumacher expressed his desire to see less reliance on fossil fuels, the alleged primary source of CO2 emissions, he could not commit to a precise date or estimate the financial burden of being carbon neutral as the conversation progressed.

According to Schumacher’s subsequent interview with a media outlet, Chairman Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) felt the need to apologize so he could cheer up.

According to Schumacher,  Whitehouse apologized for Sen. Kennedy and claimed that this was not his first hard line of questions and that some of them were unrelated to the topic.

After Kennedy’s line of inquiry, Schumacher said he became confused and couldn’t answer any questions about CO2.

Kennedy probed Schumacher on carbon dioxide, but he briefly brought up his 2020 social media statements on racism and the judicial system.

Democrats often link climate change to racism and crime.

Kennedy uploaded a video of his discussion with Schumacher on X. He quoted an interaction about atmospheric carbon dioxide levels before saying that Democrats would like to spend fifty trillion dollars to become carbon neutral and scheduled a hearing to explain why.