Sen. Feinstein’s Daughter Claims Elder Abuse Against Trustees

Dianne Feinstein’s daughter says her mother is a victim of elder abuse. Katherine Feinstein has filed a lawsuit in California against her late stepfather’s estate administrators, saying they “wrongfully” refused to provide cash to a trust fund in Senator Feinstein’s name. Richard Blum, Feinstein’s late husband, died in 2022 after 42 years of marriage.

Attorneys representing trustees Michael Klein and Marc Scholvinck hit back and accused the Senator’s daughter of behaving unconscionably and looking out for her own interests rather than her mother’s. Lawyer Steven Braccini said, “The trustees have always respected Senator Feinstein and always will. But this has nothing to do with her needs and everything to do with her daughter’s avarice.”

Senator Feinstein is the oldest Member of Congress on Capitol Hill and has been plagued by health concerns over the past year. In February, she began a months-long absence from Congress due to shingles and appeared confused and disorientated upon her return. In July, at the close of a Congressional debate, she again appeared unsure what she was supposed to do, leading to prompting from colleagues who advised her to vote. “Just say aye,” a fellow Democrat told her.

The Congresswoman gave her daughter power of attorney in July, and she has since filed three lawsuits against Klein and Scholvinck, accusing them of withholding funds. Attorney Braccini denies this, but Feinstein Junior says, “The Trustees have failed to respond to any requests for disbursements, which is a de facto denial.”

Klein responded by pointing out that the Senator is paid $125,000 per month and has been receiving this since June. Dianne Feinstein has not publicly commented on the ongoing feud, and a statement from her Senate office described the matter as private.

Richard Blum was a billionaire at the time of his death, and Senator Feinstein is also independently wealthy. He has three daughters from a previous marriage. Katherine Feinstein is the Senator’s only child and was likewise born during a prior marriage.