Security Footage Shows Strange Man In Woman’s Bed

A lady in Scotland recently discovered security footage of a burglar who not only slept in her bed but also thanked her for the privilege.

Caitlin Sullivan, a mother and part-time caregiver, is 22 years old, and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She said she “didn’t expect it at all” and had no idea who he was.

She said she was in disbelief that a guy was sleeping in her bed, and how he managed to enter her home was “beyond me.”

On the morning of August 29 at about 7:45, Sullivan was visiting a friend’s home when she began receiving notifications on her phone. She and her small son were sleeping in bed when she discovered the intruder on camera in her home in her bedroom.

Immediately after, Sullivan called the police and met them outside her house. She said that the police took the stranger away but did not make an arrest.

The police said they had made no arrests and received no new information about this event.

The guy reportedly exited the residence covered in blood stains. He was home for a few hours, and his only apparent activity was sleeping on the bed.

Sullivan went on to say that the strangeness of the situation was compounded the next day when she received a Facebook message from the guy. The stranger said he was sorry for leaving such a mess and thanked Sullivan for letting him sleep for three hours.

According to The Herald of Scotland, he told Sullivan that he hoped they might reunite.

Besides returning to clean up the blood, Sullivan has not returned to her house since getting the message. She claims she has no desire to return there and has begun the search for a new residence.

Although the police recommended that Sullivan ban the stranger on social media, she feels unsafe because “he definitely would have crawled into my bed and slept next to me.”

She said she had no idea how the guy got her number or how he could get inside the residence in the first place.