Sam Harris Says Conservatives “Should Not Have Opinions” On Numerous Issues 

( This week, liberal ‘thinker’ Sam Harris said that conservatives shouldn’t be able to express their views on topics like the conflict in Ukraine, climate change, and vaccine safety. 

Harris, who commented on a podcast, said that conservative broadcasters do a job by “not caring” and should not be permitted to sway public opinion.  

The pundit said we’re swimming in a sea of disinformation, where you’ve got individuals changing the views of millions of others who should not have an opinion.   

Harris said there is no circumstance in which you should be getting your view about vaccine safety, climate change, the Ukraine conflict, or anything else that we would want to speak about from Candace Owens. 

The highly opinionated Harris, who is not an authority on 90% of what he pontificates about, said that Owens is not an authority on any of the issues he listed.  

Harris added that she’s living in a society that has turned “not caring” into a business model –  an excellent business model. He said there’s something extremely “Trumpian” about all of it. 

Given that he confessed earlier that he would have approved of efforts to bury news of the Hunter Biden laptop in the days before the election if it meant preventing Donald Trump from being reelected, all of this comes across as very rich. 

However, Harris maintains he never said that. 

Harris, who won praise from conservatives for speaking out against identity politics and Islamists, had a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome after the 2016 election and hasn’t yet recovered. 

Harris even went so far as to say Hunter Biden could have had the corpses of children in his basement; he really wouldn’t give a damn. 

Later, Harris made the pitiful argument that the New York Post’s reporting on the subject was only correct “by mistake.” 

Harris departed Twitter in a fit of pique after the outrage he got for the comments, and he hasn’t been seen on the site since.