Russia Makes Good On Putin’s Vow To Attack Ukraine Again

In the first strike on the Ukrainian capital in a month and a half, Russia unleashed a barrage of 31 ballistic and cruise missiles against Kyiv. Although all approaching rockets were shot down by air defenses, falling debris injured thirteen persons; one of them was a child.

Due to Kyiv’s superior air defenses compared to the rest of the big nation and a consistently high missile interception rate, Russian strikes on the capital are far less effective than they were at the beginning of the war. Ukrainian officials have issued a dire warning, stating that to defeat Russia’s invasion, they will require a significant increase of Western weaponry.

Putin has warned that Russia will “respond in kind” to recent aircraft raids near the Ukrainian border in the Belgorod area of Russia.

In Kyiv, eight others had minor injuries, and a girl (11)and a man (38) were sent to the hospital. The houses of about 80 individuals were forcibly removed. At least one apartment structure was destroyed, parked automobiles were torched, and streets and a small park were left with holes from the intercepted rockets’ falling debris. Glass from broken windows was among the debris that covered several roadways.

Eighty-five persons were reportedly forced to leave their houses, according to the Ukrainian Emergency Service. Damage to residences and the city sports stadium was caused by the most recent attack on the Belgorod region, which injured five persons. According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, ten missiles were intercepted.

The president of Russia, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has asked the West to supply additional air defense systems to disperse throughout the country in response to the increasing frequency of missile attacks. Additionally, Obama publicly begged American senators to end the months-long partisan gridlock in Washington and approve an extra aid package for Ukraine.