Russia Launches Largest Strike On Kyiv In Weeks

The calm sleep of Kyiv citizens was jolted awake at 5 a.m. by a succession of thunderous explosions, according to Serhii Popko, chief of the Kyiv City Administration. It appeared like the missiles were coming simultaneously from all angles.

Russian officials said that 31 ballistic and cruise missiles were fired at Kyiv in the early hours of Thursday. According to the officials, this was the first strike on the Ukrainian capital in 44 days.

Although the air defenses were able to intercept all of the approaching missiles safely, thirteen individuals, including a toddler, were hurt by falling debris.

The Ukrainian Air Force has confirmed that Russia has launched missiles, including ballistic and cruise missiles, against the capital.

The air defenses in Kyiv are better than those in the rest of the nation. Russian assaults on the city have been considerably less effective than in the early days of the war due to the high success rate of intercepting missiles. Nevertheless, Ukrainian officials stress the importance of bolstering Western weaponry to repel Russia’s incursion successfully.

According to the Ukrainian Emergency Service, 80 people could flee their homes safely.

Fires broke out in an apartment building, automobiles were set ablaze, and craters were formed in the streets and park as a result of the intercepted missiles’ debris. Debris, including shattered window glass, was lying about on many streets.

Emergency personnel treated traumatized survivors on the street as they recounted their terrifying stories of tight escapes. Many of the survivors seemed frightened and even cried.

Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed Russia’s ability to respond to strikes on civilian infrastructure and comparable targets during a Kremlin event.

In response to the increasing number of missile attacks, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has requested that Ukraine’s Western allies supply more air defense systems to be stationed across the country.