Putin Puts Cannibal Criminal Into Fight Against Ukraine

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, pardoned the serial murderer and cannibal Denis Gorin, but only on the promise that he would go to war against Ukraine.

In 2018, Gorin received a 22-year jail term for his role in the murders and subsequent consumption of human flesh by some of his victims. Together with his brother, they murdered a man in 2002; they stabbed him fifty times before chopping off pieces of flesh to eat. He received a 10-year jail term after being found guilty of murder and blasphemy. But in 2010, he was granted early release from parole due to his exemplary conduct. In 2012, he again stabbed someone to death with his brother.

Gorin’s release follows Putin’s pardon of 33-year-old Nikolai Ogolobyak, a self-proclaimed Satanist who was involved in the ritual murders of four adolescents, including the beheading and partial consumption of two of them. He cooked and consumed parts of their bodies.

On November 2, he returned from the conflict in Ukraine, where he had been dispatched to fight for Russia. Ogolobiak was granted clemency due to his military service in Ukraine, even though he was initially sentenced to serve until 2030.

In its conflict with Ukraine, the Kremlin has pardoned those who fought as “Heroes of the Special Military Operation” and has used a wide variety of convicted criminals as troops. Several Russian media sites stated that the two convicted murderers who consumed their victims’ flesh had been freed and pardoned by Russian authorities, joining the ranks of “the heroes.”

The Russian Defense Ministry and the Wagner mercenary company have always enlisted a large number of questionable denizens, like convicts, to fight in conflicts, promising them pardons in return for their military service.

Its policy of utilizing morally corrupt and despicable humans in exchange for their participation in the fighting in Ukraine has not altered, according to the Kremlin’s statement on Wednesday.

Resorting to cannibals is a new low.