Paul Pelosi Shares Testimony In Trial Of Alleged Attacker

Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, testified in the prosecution of David DePape, who savagely struck him with a hammer in their San Francisco home last year. During the incident on October 28, 2022, Pelosi remembers being bludgeoned. His skull was broken, and he suffered extensive damage to his right arm and hands as a result.

Pelosi was in his pajamas and boxer shorts when Depape slammed his shoulder through a glass panel in the rear door of the Pelosi Pacific Heights residence. DePape struck Pelosi in the head with a hammer just as two police officers responded to Pelosi’s 911 call. Police body camera footage of the assault was played for the jury.

DePape has been charged with assault and attempted kidnapping of a federal official. DePape has pleaded not guilty to both charges. An FBI agent, a U.S. Capitol police officer, another officer who has protected Nancy Pelosi since 2006, and a Bay Area Rapid Transit police sergeant were all called as witnesses by federal prosecutors.

DePape’s attorneys have said their client fell prey to conspiratorial thinking that led him to assume unscrupulous officials were ruling the country. He had been plotting an attack on the Pelosi residence for months, according to the prosecution. If convicted, he might go to jail for the rest of his life. Defense counsel Jodi Linker will say that DePape acted out of a desire to combat issues including governmental corruption, the loss of individual liberties in the United States, and the illicit exploitation of minors by celebrities like politicians and actresses.

Prosecutors presented evidence from many departments, including the FBI, the U.S. Capitol Police, the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police, and a computer forensics expert, all of whom testified.

Pelosi recounted being woken up by a guy shouting, “Where’s Nancy?” at the bedroom door. While waiting for her, DePape bound him. According to FBI Special Agent Stephanie Minor’s testimony, DePape struck Paul Pelosi at least three times on camera.

DePape exhibited little expression for most of the evidence, only smiling and exhaling a quiet giggle when Minor recited a list of themes featured on his blog at his attorney’s request. Federal prosecutors have stated that evidence and testimony from the FBI will reveal DePape conducted online research on his targets, gathering phone numbers and addresses, and even paid for a public records service to acquire information.