Only 9% Of Americans Believe Equity Is Important

( A Rasmussen Reports research indicated that American citizens feel there are “more important” problems for corporations to concentrate on than supporting causes like diversity and ecology.

The survey was carried out by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, for Rasmussen Reports on January 18, 19, and 22. The survey was comprised of responses from 1,000 individuals in the United States. The margin of error for the survey was three percent, and the degree of confidence was ninety-five percent.

34% of respondents said it was not vital for a corporation to share its social and political ideals, while 8% stated they were unsure how they felt about the topic.

When the poll respondents were asked how essential it is for a corporation to have the same social and political beliefs as the customer, 58 percent said it was necessary, and of that, 28 percent said it is “very important.”

Only nine percent of the respondents in America stated they thought the most important problem for firms to concentrate on is “promoting causes like diversity and environmentalism.” Also, only nine percent of respondents said they did not have a strong opinion on the factors businesses should prioritize.

In contrast, 82% of respondents said that there are other problems on which companies should concentrate.

The 82 percent figure comprises 69 percent of respondents who said businesses should concentrate on “offering excellent products and services” and 13 percent who said companies should focus on “raising profit.”

In addition, the survey discovered that the majority of respondents (87 percent) claimed that the “quality of a company’s goods and services” was crucial for making consumer choices, with 70 percent of those respondents stating that it was “extremely significant.”

Six percent of respondents answered that the “quality of a company’s goods and services” was insignificant, while eight percent were unsure.

Substantial evidence supports the claim that if “you go woke, you go broke.”