NFL Star Says Feed Was Cut After Controversial Statement

Rodgers, who has been skeptical of the coronavirus vaccination and has continued to maintain his stance against it, received chuckles from Pat McAfee and cohost A.J. Hawk when they asked if he was dressed as Dr. Anthony Fauci, a vaccine, a doctor, or a scientist.

After he identified himself as a “spike protein,” ESPN’s cable stream abruptly went dark for 12 minutes.

Rodgers returned a week later to share the news with the group, which holds that he never tore his Achilles.

The quarterback repeatedly stated that he hopes to return this season despite suffering the injury only four snaps into his time with the New York Jets.

The four-time MVP does not believe it, and he appeared to take a shot at ESPN for going dark when Rodgers was discussing COVID.

According to Rodgers’s words to McAfee, “I have some very fascinating opinions that ESPN would attempt to cut off the broadcast if I began going into how I feel about those things.”

“The same individuals exploring the prospect of a conspiracy over my Achilles could not possibly envision a world in which anything linked to this lovely, experimental gene.

According to Rodgers, he “ruptured” his Achilles tendon, which the greatest doctor in the nation treated, and his entire emphasis from Sept. 13 has been rehab and getting back on the field.

Rodgers would be helpful to the Jets. It has been 11 periods since the offense last scored a touchdown. In mid-December, he plans to make his way back supposedly.

Rodgers has made fun of Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, for appearing in vaccine advertising during the past several weeks and even challenged him to a discussion on the program. While addressing his plans to return from an Achilles tendon injury far sooner than expected on Tuesday, Rodgers couldn’t help but use the opportunity to criticize his former principal medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Rodgers has addressed Fauci for the second week in a row. Last Tuesday, Rodgers challenged Kelce to a debate when Kelce replied to Rodgers calling him “Mr. Pfizer.” Then, Rodgers suggested that the two argue as if they were in a duel from John Wick: Chapter 4, with each guy bringing a partner. He told Fauci as an option for Kelce. Rodgers, for his part, said he would recruit the help of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a presidential contender and fellow vaccination skeptic.