New Yorkers Unleash On Suspected NYPD Cop Killer

As America nears the completion of President Joe Biden’s first full term of service, the state of politics and affairs at large in the union is as volatile and uncertain as the changing seasons. Rampant inflation continues to hinder the struggling and shrinking middle class, and some 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Ultimately, things are not stable within the domestic United States. While the vast majority of average Americans have struggled with the rising costs of living, celebrity scandals and the affairs of professional athletes from years past are likely the furthest things from the minds of many citizens in the present.

Aaron Hernandez, a former NFL football star was convicted in 2015 for the murder of Odin Lloyd. He was sentenced to life in prison. Hernandez was imprisoned for two years until he committed suicide on April 19th, 2017. He had played several seasons for the New England Patriots. Since this event transpired, there have been many rumors that Hernandez may have been murdered. Last month in a crazed rant, the current defensive end of the LA Raiders Chandler Jones (a former teammate of Hernandez) claimed that Hernandez was murdered by the current coach of the Raiders, Josh McDaniel’s. This is obviously untrue. Jose Baez, the attorney who represented Hernandez, wholeheartedly is certain that Hernandez did indeed commit suicide. Baez spoke to Yahoo sports in early October of 2023 refuting the recent claims, calling for a cessation of misinformation.

As drama in the world of sports and celebrities continues to be a welcome distraction for many, the sad reality is that the state of public affairs within the United States is quite poor. In major cities, crime levels continue to rise, law enforcement officials are increasingly targeted, and at the border thousands of illegal migrants arrive daily. In New York City, the public is outraged over the traffic stop murder of a police officer in Rockaway, Queens.