Multiple Missing After Landslide Leaves 1 Dead

A “huge avalanche” in Alaska has killed at least three people and left three more missing, according to authorities.

According to authorities, near the Alaska Panhandle settlement of Wrangell, a landslide was recorded at mile 11 on the Zimovia Highway just before 9 p.m. local time on Monday.

Two residences on the hillside and one on the waterside of the roadway were found to be directly in the route of the landslide, according to the Alaska Department of Public Safety (ADPS). Officials have said that they think one of the residences on the mountainside has been vacant.

The ADPS said that emergency personnel from several agencies, including the Wrangell Fire Department, Wrangell Police Department, and Alaska Wildlife Troopers, “launched a hurried search to hunt for survivors” upon receiving the call.

According to Austin McDaniel, a spokeswoman for ADPS, the search team found the body of a young girl at the waterside residence on Monday night.

According to a news statement from Alaska Search and Rescue, two more individuals who had passed away were found on Tuesday.

Search and rescue teams are looking for three individuals, two of whom are minors and one of whom is an adult. The news announcement from Tuesday evening states that K9 teams from SEA Dogs in Juneau and Wrangell Search and Rescue are now conducting ground searches.

At Tuesday’s news conference, his statement confirmed that search and rescue operations are continuing.

According to McDaniel, a lady living on the highway’s slope was rescued on Tuesday morning and is claimed to be in excellent health.

According to McDaniel, A geologist cleared parts of the slide’s sites for ground searches to proceed after the dangerous circumstances momentarily halted them on Tuesday. According to authorities, the United States Coast Guard is carrying out searches, and a drone operator is assisting.

Because other landslides might occur in the region, officials warned people not to go near the slide. Wrangell should be the destination for any residents who flee the area. Officials said that between 20 to 30 individuals had departed.

South of mile 6, the Zimovia Highway is still off-limits to vehicles.

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy proclaimed a state catastrophe due to the avalanche.