Media Still Flooding FTX Founder With Fluff Pieces

( The Washington Post published a ludicrous article about known crypto fraudster Caroline Ellison who is assisting federal prosecutors in their case against Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced founder of FTX who is still allegedly a crypto fraudster. (On Tuesday, SBF entered a not-guilty plea to several felonies.)

What was the main thrust?

The leading phrase is: “Caroline Ellison desired to change things. She now risks going to jail.” The criminal’s privileged background and superhuman intelligence are highlighted throughout the story.

Ellison attended a “prestigious” university and was schooled by “accomplished scholars” while growing up (Stanford). She was a brilliant little girl who, at the age of 5, read a giant Harry Potter book and later advocated “the significance of giving money away to make the world a better place.”

Wasn’t there a similar article on Sam Bankman-Fried in the Washington Post?


“Before FTX collapse, founder devoted millions into pandemic prevention,” reads the headline. According to the narrative, SBF “was reared in an elite intellectual household” and “got engaged to philanthropy at a young age” before deciding to save the world by donating millions of dollars to Democratic politicians and the numerous charities they support.”

Jeez. They’ll then start penning articles about real terrorists.

Where do domestic terrorists fit into this story?

Remember those qualified lawyers who, during the “mainly peaceful” protests in the summer of 2020, firebombed a police car? The New York Times and New York magazine ran adoring profiles of the felons and praised their efforts to “embrace a more flexible meaning of lawless.”

Before enrolling at Fordham Law, Urooj Rahman attended “one of the most prestigious public high schools in New York.” She lived in “Occupied Palestine” for a summer and had a heart for “those who were systemically oppressed.”

Colinford Mattis, Rahman’s sidekick, attended Princeton and NYU before working as a corporate attorney. He “was usually available to offer people a ride” and had a Goldendoodle named “Lorde Hampton.” He operated the vehicle while Rahman threw the explosive through the passenger window.

That is messed up.

Liberal élites exhibit excessive levels of sympathy and credulity for other liberal élites who engage in unethical behavior, and they frequently fall victim to fraud by con artists who donate large sums of money to liberal élite institutions.

What are these folks thinking?