Hunter Bidens Rebuke Creates ‘Constitutional Crisis’

Hunter Biden’s refusal to comply with a subpoena in the impeachment inquiry against his father, President Joe Biden, has sparked a “constitutional crisis,” according to a prominent House Republican.

Failure to comply with a federal subpoena, either by non-appearance or refusal to provide the requested information, may result in a motion being filed to compel your appearance, followed by the initiation of criminal contempt charges.

In the event of conviction, 18 U.S.C. 402 empowers the court to levy fines up to $1000 and impose a jail sentence not exceeding six months.

Chairman Jason Smith of the Ways and Means Committee, who is involved in the impeachment probe, criticized Hunter Biden’s actions during an interview with Fox News. Smith expressed his concerns about the younger Biden’s defiance, highlighting the potential double standard in the justice system and the handling of the Department of Justice’s investigation into Hunter Biden.
Smith emphasized the severity of the situation, stating that if an ordinary American behaved similarly, they would face prosecution. He described Hunter Biden’s decision to hold a press conference instead of appearing for the scheduled deposition as a breach of the congressional subpoena, which poses a significant constitutional crisis due to his status as the president’s son.

Hunter Biden appeared in Washington, D.C., but did not cooperate with the subpoena on the specified day. During his press event outside the U.S. Capitol Building, he demanded a public hearing instead of a closed-door interview, expressing his concerns about the legitimacy of the House committee’s investigations into his family.

As a result of his defiance, impeachment investigators have announced that Hunter Biden will face contempt of Congress proceedings. To strengthen the legal weight of their subpoenas, the Republican-led House voted to authorize the impeachment inquiry formally.

Smith highlighted the unanimous support from Republicans for the impeachment inquiry, affirming the need to continue the investigation based on evidence presented by Chairman Comer, Chairman Jordan, and I.R.S. whistleblowers. He also emphasized the White House’s continued obstruction of subpoenas and the importance of utilizing additional tools to obtain necessary information.
The situation involving Hunter Biden’s refusal to comply with the subpoena has raised significant concerns about the functioning of the justice system and the potential implications for the ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.