Governor Considers New Election After Paper Ballot Issue

( Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, is thinking of an election redo.

Abbott is contemplating holding new elections in the county of Harris. It’s been discovered that there was a worse shortage of ballot paper than initially thought.

The scarcity, according to Abbott, was so much worse than reported that it “may have impacted the result of elections.”

The governor tweeted that “it may necessitate new elections. It WILL necessitate new LAWS that prevent Harris Co. from ever doing this again.”

One hundred twenty-one polling places lacked the ballot paper necessary to cover voter participation, more than double the number of locations that Harris County expected would be impacted.

The county had initially claimed that 46 to 68 polling places ran short of ballot paper.

The Harris County Elections Administration acknowledged the challenges on Election Day in a preliminary report issued last month but said that a thorough review would take months to complete.

The Texas secretary of state’s office said that it was first made aware of the alleged irregularities in Harris County soon after Election Day in 2022 and that the information was forwarded to the district attorney’s office in Harris County and the Texas attorney general’s office for investigation. It did not mention why polling places ran short of vote paper.

The secretary of state’s office stated that because Harris County is already the subject of additional post-election audits, “we have been gathering even more information to ultimately provide the public with greater clarity on the root causes of the issues witnessed in Harris County during the 2022 General Election.”

Although there are issues with the Texas elections, University of Houston scholar Brandon Rottinghaus said that asking for a new election would be “a dramatic and largely unprecedented step considering the scope of the mistakes made in Harris County.”

Other Republicans, like the Harris County Republican Party (HCRP) and Arizona’s former Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, praised Abbott’s demand for passing new legislation to avert a paper shortage on election day and urged election authorities in her state to follow suit.

On Wednesday, Lake’s campaign tweeted, “Your turn, @maricopacounty.”