Google Mulling Charging for AI In a First for Tech Giant

According to a new report, using Google’s AI-powered search engine may soon subject users to a fee.

According to insider knowledge, the internet behemoth is mulling over several options.

One of these initiatives is the integration of AI-powered search capabilities into Google’s premium subscription services. These services now include access to the new Gemini AI assistant, which is integrated into Gmail and Docs.

In its pursuit of dominance in the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence market, Google is considered to be the first to place its key products behind a paywall.

In extended trading after the revelation, shares of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, fell almost 1%.

According to a report, Google’s old search engine will still be available for free, and users, even members, will still see ads alongside search results. Google has said it is not currently developing or contemplating an ad-free browsing experience. They stated they would continue improving subscription offers throughout Google by developing new premium features and services.

They are committed to constantly improving the product to meet the evolving demands of users.

The announcement follows criticism of Google Gemini, which was characterized as far-left progressive when it generated diverse but historically incorrect pictures based on users’ queries.

The program can generate graphics based on user input using artificial intelligence in seconds.

In the wake of allegations that it would not generate photos of white individuals even when requested directly, the search engine was at break-neck speed to address the issue with its image generation tool.

Following trials with requests for Vikings, the American Founding Fathers, and Popes, users noticed that the Gemini AI bot declined to generate photos of Caucasian individuals.

One X user challenged others to ask Google Gemini AI to create a picture of a white person. He said he had not had any luck getting a result.