Chinese Firms Shift Production to Mexico to Avoid US Tariffs, Sanctions

In the United States, it is no secret that over the last several decades and even prior, American workers have struggled significantly, suffering at the hands of multinational corporations and an elite political ruling class in the federal government that has completely failed in terms of protecting and promoting the general interests and well-being of the ordinary American people. In the 1950s (and through a large chunk of the century before the rise of modern feminism), it was commonplace for American families to be able to support an entire family on only one income. Traditionally, the male of the household was able to work a standard work week (or slightly longer hours), afford a home, pay for the education of his children, afford transportation, and generally cover all the vital necessities required to support a family. In truth, this was a healthy indicator of a prosperous society and one that still placed a strong emphasis on the moral and humanitarian importance of family and the duties or rearing and raising children.

Today, this could not be further from the truth. As wages have largely stagnated for decades and inflation has crushed the working class in recent years, things have gotten much harder. The middle class continues to shrink, and ordinary Americans simply can no longer afford to work on only one income. Whether or not families (and women in particular) like it or not or wish to be able to provide for children on only one income so that another parent could focus on the importance of raising kids and being present in their lives, this is simply impossible as the cost of living has skyrocketed.

Americas companies have outsourced jobs overseas to save production costs to third world countries like Vietnam and in Latin America. Another country, Americas biggest rival China, is attempting to avoid paying tariffs by moving production to Mexico, to whom America gives favorable trade deals.